Monopoly Live

MONOPOLY Live is a game of chance played using a super-sized vertical wheel, spun by a live casino host. Your task is to try and predict on which segment the wheel is going to stop.

How MONOPOLY Live works

MONOPOLY Live is a live wheel game. These types of games are sometimes referred to simply as Money Wheel, Wheel of Fortune, Dream Catcher or Super Wheel. In the game, a huge vertical wheel with 54 equal segments separated by pins rotates, while a fixed pointer marks the spot where the wheel stops. 48 of these segments are numbered 1, 2, 5 and 10. The other 6 segments are 2 x ‘CHANCE’ segments, 3 x ‘2 ROLLS’ segments and 1 x ‘4 ROLLS’ segment. The objective of the game is to guess on which number the wheel will stop. If the wheel stops on the number you bet upon you win an amount according to the paytable. If the wheel stops on ‘CHANCE’, ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ segments, you’re up for more opportunities to win.


If the wheel stops on a ‘CHANCE’ segment, dear ol’ MR. MONOPOLY presents you with a Chance card that shows either a random cash prize or a random multiplier bonus.
  • If the Chance card shows a cash prize, then each player wins the random cash amount shown on the card
  • If the Chance card shows a multiplier bonus, all player bets remain in place while the game host spins the wheel again. The multiplier is then applied to the winnings for this next spin. If the wheel stops on yet another multiplier, the first multiplier is multiplied.
Consecutive multipliers are unlimited subject to a default maximum win of €500 000 or corresponding value in another currency. The theoretical return to player (RTP) percentage for this game is 96.23%.


If you place bets on the ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ or both and the wheel stops on one of these segments, you’ll enter the Bonus game which is played in a virtual 3D world. Here MR. MONOPOLY sets off along the MONOPOLY board, walking a number of steps equal to the roll of the dice (the dice are rolled in the live studio). From where he stops, he’ll collect prizes for the qualifying players. Bonus game prizes vary according to which property MR. MONOPOLY stops on. Similar to the original Hasbro board game, properties pay out differently, houses and hotels are built to increase payouts, and there may be some penalties too! When no more dice rolls are left, the Bonus game is over, and all the player’s Bonus winnings are paid, together with their initial bet. They then return to the main game. If you did not place bets on the 2 or 4 ROLLS, you’ll still see the Bonus game but will not win any prizes in it.

How to play MONOPOLY Live

To play MONOPOLY Live, simply select a chip size (the value of the bet you want to place) then drop a bet on a number where you think the wheel will stop. The host spins the wheel and when it comes to a stop the winning number is indicated by the pointer at the top of the wheel. If the wheel stops on ‘CHANCE’ you’re awarded either a cash prize or a multiplier bonus, and if you land on ‘2 ROLLS’ and ‘4 ROLLS’ the Bonus game is activated. You’ll be able to place your bet in between game rounds, before the wheel starts turning. A normal game round last approximately 45 seconds, so you’ll have enough time to plan your next bet.

Use the BET ON ALL feature

If you select the BET ON ALL button you will be placing a bet on all the numbers + the ‘2 ROLLS’ and ‘4 ROLLS’ options. The value of your chip will be placed on all bet spots simultaneously. More information, such as payouts table, game history, shortcut keys and autoplay settings can be accessed from the help menu of MONOPOLY Live.

Discover MONOPOLY Live at Casumo

All you need to do to try MONOPOLY Live is login to your account (New player? Register now to play this game at Casumo), find the game in our Game Browser and tap the play button for live multi-coloured action.

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