Boxing Betting and Latest Boxing Odds

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world, and you can place your boxing bets at Casumo. Fight nights regularly attract over 400,000 paid viewers, and the biggest can rake in millions of official streams. 

The noble sport of pugilism, a fancy name for boxing if you didn't know, has been around for thousands of years. The famous Ancient Greek epic poem The Iliad mentions boxing, and it was a popular event at the original Olympics of the ancient world.

Fast-forward a few thousand years to Casumo where you can find everything the modern boxing fan needs to make their perfect bet. All the latest odds are here, from lesser-known flyweight fights to the biggest name bouts featuring the likes of Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and Manny Pacquiao. Of course, you can also bet on popular showcase exhibition events like the fight that took place between YouTuber Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather earlier this year - and many more to come.

From this article, you'll learn all you need to know about betting on boxing at Casumo. We'll cover all the major betting options, and what they mean. Plus, a short rundown of the main rules of the sport.

We've still got some value for you if you're already well-versed in boxing betting. The UK Fighters and Betting Tips sections below give you a little of our sports betting expertise, totally for free. That includes tips for specific boxers, weight classes, pattern analysis and much more.

So, read on for a knockout guide to one of the world's biggest sports. You'll be sounding out the odds for a killer combo like a pro bettor in no time!

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Betting on Boxing: What you need to know

Obviously, the easiest and most popular way to bet on boxing is to predict the winner of the fight. A simple bet. But, there're actually several ways to win a boxing fight. They are:

Knockout, or KO

The easiest way to tell who won a boxing match. If one boxer is knocked to the ground for longer than 10 seconds, it is a knockout victory for their opponent.


Before the match, the number of rounds the fight takes place over will be specified. This can be any amount between 5 and 10 depending on the experience of the boxers — with 12 rounds reserved for big names and title matches. If these rounds finish without a KO or TKO, the three judges must decide who won. The decision every boxer wants is a Unanimous one, often called a UD. This is when all three judges vote for the same fighter. However, boxers can also win a bout on a split decision, if two votes go for them and one for the other. Split decisions, however, often result in a swiftly arranged rematch!

Technical Knockout, or TKO

This is when the referee calls the fight early in favour of one boxer. This can either be because of multiple knockdowns, or a serious injury that stops a fighter from defending themselves and competing properly.

There isn't one but three majorly respected global boxing bodies that organize the sport at the professional level. They all have their World Champion belts, in different weights. They are:


The World Boxing Council, or WBC, was founded in Mexico in 1963. They have been responsible for many of the modern changes to the sports, such as 12 round maximums rather than 15.


The International Boxing Federation, or IMF, started in the USA in 1974, but only took its international name in the 1980s.

The loser doesn't actually have to be clean unconscious for a KO win. They simply may not be able to get back on their feet because of disorientation or injury.

Out of those three, the WBA and WBC titles compete for the most prestigious with the IMF title just behind. The greatest boxers in the world still strive to hold all four titles, a position known as being Undisputed Champion.


The World Boxing Association, or WBA, was founded in 1921. That makes it the oldest of all boxing belts. However, the WBA was focused on US boxing mostly for many years. That left space for competing organizations to start their own belts.

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How to Bet on Boxing

So, here are the ways you can bet on boxing at Casumo right now!

Overall outcome of the fight

A win or loss for either boxers or a draw. Quite self-explanatory. There's still a lot of depth to this bet though, so check out our tips below for some insights.

How the fight ends

That could be a knockout, a TKO, a split or unanimous decision — or even a disqualification. This can happen when a boxer punches below the belt too many times or breaks some other rule.

A bet on how a fighter will win

This combines the two above bets. You get wider odds, and therefore bigger payout if correct, but you need to predict both the winner and the circumstances of their win.

Round bets

These cover a wide range of bets, involving individual rounds or groups of them. You can bet on, for example, a fighter to lose by technical knockout in the second round. Or, a fighter to win by knockout between rounds 5 and 7. Or, anything in between - the choice is yours!

Total rounds

This bet lets you predict how many rounds the fight will last. Pick an exact number for the best odds, or choose under or over a certain number of rounds. For example, in his later years, Floyd Mayweather played a defensive game - going 12 rounds in 11 out of his last 15 fights. He would have made a good bet to go over 10 rounds, for example.

Top UK Fighters in Boxing

We love our UK customers here at Casumo, of course. So it's only right we show some respect to the UK-born boxers who have risen to the very top of the boxing game in recent years!

Anthony Joshua

Hailing from Watford, just north of London, currently holds three of the four world Heavyweight belts.

If he can beat fellow Englishman Tyson Fury for the WBO title (possibly set for 2022) he will become the first boxer to be the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion since another Englishman, Lennox Lewis, over 20 years ago in 2000. Joshua's 2017 memorable bout against Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko was named Fight of the Year by several major boxing publications.

Tyson Fury

Joshua's main contender for world heavyweight domination in recent years has been the fantastically named Tyson Fury. The Manchester-born fighter's boxing career peaked when he ended Klitschko's 10-year champion run in a close-fought bout in 2015 - which he won by unanimous decision. However, he was stripped of his titles a year later after testing positive for cocaine and failing prefight fitness tests. He staged a comeback in 2018, drawing with heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and then winning the 2020 rematch by TKO to reclaim his World Champion status. He is set to rematch with Anthony Joshua in 2022, which could be one of the biggest boxing events of the decade so far.

Amir Khan

Bolton-born Amir Khan shot into the public eye in 2004, winning a Silver medal in amateur boxing at that year's Olympics. He would go on to a long professional career, holding both the WBA and IBF World Light-Welterweight titles in 2012. The WBA title he won at just 22 years of age. After seven years without a belt to his name, Khan beat Billy Dib in 2019 with a fourth-round TKO, bagging himself the WBC welterweight title.

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Boxing Betting Tips

Our number one rule is to do your research. No picking boxers just because of their cool name, or public image!

Basically, all professional boxers have their stats widely available online for free. A good place to start your research is by looking at how each boxer's fights tend to end. Anthony Joshua, for example, has a 70% KO percentage in title fight bouts.

He's also a heavyweight fighter, and this weight class has the most power and the highest percentage of KO results. Therefore, you'd be silly to discount a KO or TKO win from him again in the future.

When it comes to betting on boxing by rounds, not many fights end before round two or three. The best boxers tend to fight cagey and measure up their opponent's form and style in the first couple of rounds, so early victories are comparatively rare. Of course, you'll get much better odds on the unlikely event of a first-round knockout — so who are we to tell you never to take a chance? Just don't say we didn't warn you.

One time when bouts might end earlier is with less experienced fighters. They tend to be more aggressive. So if you see two newcomers in the ring, it might be worth a bet on a third to sixth round finish for example.

When it comes to betting on the overall winner, obviously the overall record is important. However, the closer you get towards championship fights the better record both fighters will have — so it becomes harder to see. One advantage often overlooked is fighting on home soil. Being able to fight without travelling first and having the crowd on your side, can really give a boxer the edge they need in close-fought bouts.

FAQ Section

How do odds work in boxing?

Boxing odds at Casumo work in the same way as any other sport here. You can see your odds in fractional, decimal or American form. Fractional odds have your stake as the second number and the first as your returns, so a 10/1 bet would give you £10 for £1 staked. Decimal odds give you a decimal percentage of your bet - so £1 on a 10.1 bet would give you £10.10 back. Our odds are calculated by machine algorithms and human experts, at lightning speed to capture updates in the market.

Can I bet live on boxing?

Yes, absolutely. You can bet on a win in the next round, or who will get the next knockdown - and loads more. Betting on boxing in play is a super popular way to bet, and you can definitely do it at Casumo!


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