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Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most popular and innovative slots on the web, and that’s not hyperbole. It doesn’t matter who you are and how many slots you’ve played, there’s a good chance you’ve been introduced to Gonzo and his adventures. It’s a NetEnt classic. And now, with Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, it has been given a Live Casino makeover courtesy of Evolution Gaming. Everything that you know and love about this slot remains, but there are some other new features to explore.  

What is the Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Slot?

Evolution Gaming is a Live Casino giant known for producing live game shows and table games. A couple of years ago, it acquired NetEnt, and claimed all of the slot developer’s best-loved creations. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the result of that acquisition. It follows on from the story told in the original slot, taking players into the world of a hapless conquistador as he looks for El Dorado.  Here are some of the features on the Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt slot:
    • Picks and Treasure Hunt
    • Prize Drops
    • Multipliers
    • Re-Drops
    • Bonus Prizes

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Features

The base game on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt features a wall of 70 tiles, and it’s behind those tiles where you’ll find the features and treasures. The game is hosted live by a presenter and offers winnings of up to 20,000x.  

Select Stones

To place a bet on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, simply choose which stones you want to look for. There are six different colours offering a payout of between 1x and 65x. The higher the payout, the less likely they are to appear. Once you have made your choice, select your Picks. You can purchase up to 20 of these per round and they will let you choose one of the stones on the wall. The more of these that you have, the greater your chance of success will be. The round begins by shuffling the stones on the wall, at which point you can start choosing.  

Prize Drops

The Prize Drop feature can boost your winnings significantly. Prizes appear at the top of the wall and fall into empty spaces below, increasing the value of the hidden stones. It’s possible to get between 3x and 100x with each prize. Multipliers of 2x to 10x also appear and if you reveal a Re-Drop symbol, it will activate a new round of drops, creating more chances to win.  

The Treasure Stones Reveal

One of the unique features of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is that every player’s experience is unique, as they are not simply gambling on what the presenter does, as is so often the case with Live Casino games. When players have made their picks and witnessed the Prize Drops, the game will end by revealing all of the hidden stones. This is when you can see whether the stones that you choose were winning stones or not. If you selected a winning stone, the prize value will be added to your balance. When all payouts have been settled, the process will repeat and you can move on to a new game.  

Play in Virtual Reality

If you want a truly immersive experience, try playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt in VR. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt was the very first Live Casino game to offer this feature, but it definitely won’t be the last. To play in VR, you just need a VR headset and controllers. The game plays out just the same as it does for non-VR players, but the headset gives you more of an immersive experience. You have a full 360-degree perspective, just as you would in a real casino. And as the controls have been adapted to suit VR, you’re not forced to use a clunky interface that spoils the immersion.   

Summary of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Slot

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt combines elements of slot machine gaming with Live Casino innovations. It’s a combination that you probably haven’t seen before, so it’s ironic that it comes from a slot that pretty much everyone has played. It’s a new take on a modern slot classic. More importantly, it gives us some insights into what Evolution Gaming has up its sleeve now that it owns one of the world’s biggest slot development studios.