The Wizard of Oz – Road to Emerald City

Road to Emerald City video slot features special bonus features based on each character from the Wizard of Oz. The game offers three reels and nine paylines.

Road to Emerald City: tips

There are just three reels and nine paylines in Road to Emerald City video slot. You’ll win any time three identical symbols appear on consecutive reels, along one of the defined paylines.

Road to Emerald City winning symbols

The specific payouts in correspondence to your total bet can be viewed on the paytable at any time. Here, we’ll outline payout values when playing at the maximum stake of 70.

For landing three single BAR symbols on a payline, you’ll receive 40, for landing three double bar symbols, you’ll receive 70, and for landing three triple BAR symbols on a payline, you’ll get 100. Land a combination of these symbols along a payline, and you’ll receive 20.

The 7 symbol awards 160 whenever you land three on a payline, while the Emerald City wild symbol awards 400. The Wizard of Oz logo has a higher payout value, awarding 10,000 whenever you land three on a payline.

Remember that these are specific to a bet of 70. If you’re betting lower, check the paytable to view each symbol’s value.

Road to Emerald City gameplay

In Road to Emerald City slot, you need to first set your bet and then press spin to let the game begin.

Gameplay table

Total Bet: Decide your stake

Spin: Start the game

Road to Emerald City special features

Landing three scattered Emerald symbols on any payline triggers a special bonus. Landing four not only triggers a bonus, but also awards an instant prize of 3x your total bet.

Dorothy Free Spins is one of the bonuses that may trigger. You’ll receive 5-20 free spins, during which an Emerald Meter collects any emeralds that land. Collecting three during Dorothy Free Spins triggers another bonus that will be played immediately, before returning to complete your free spins.

In Cowardly Lion Multipliers, you’ll receive one free spin, wherein reel 1 will contain Wild Multipliers between 1x and 25x. Emerald symbols also transform into wilds for this bonus. If a Wild Multiplier helps to form a winning payline, its multiplier will be applied to the prize.

In the Tin Man Winning Spin bonus, you’ll begin with a 1x multiplier. Whenever you land an emerald, the multiplier increases by one, with a maximum possible multiplier of 25x. You’ll be awarded one free spin at first, and you will continue to receive free spins until you land a win. During this bonus, the entire second reel is completely wild.

In Scarecrow Crow Prizes, 1-3 crows may land on Scarecrow. The first crow awards a cash prize, the second awards either a cash prize or multiplier, and the third awards a multiplier. The total cash prize will be added together, and any multipliers won will be applied.

In Wicked Witch Free Spins, you’ll get three free spins, wherein the Witch Wild symbol covers reel 1. Any wild, logo, or Emerald symbols turn into persisting wilds, remaining in place for the remainder of the bonus.

In Toto Emerald Trails, unlimited free spins are awarded. Whenever an emerald lands, it moves to the emerald trail. The further along the trail you advance, the higher the cash prize. The feature continues until you play three consecutive spins without a win or an emerald landing.

The Glinda the Good Witch Booster can trigger at random after any bonus, awarding an additional cash prize or a multiplier. If you don’t win any prizes during a bonus, you’ll automatically receive a consolation prize of 3x your total bet.

Does Road to Emerald City have a jackpot feature?

There’s no jackpot in Road to Emerald City slot.

Road to Emerald City payouts and wagering limits

Road to Emerald City video slot has a betting range of 0.35 to 70. The RTP is 95.95%.

Playing Road to Emerald City on mobile

As it’s built on HTML5, you can play Road to Emerald City video slot on mobile, through the Casumo app.

Why play Road to Emerald City?

This is the seventh Wizard of Oz slot from WMS, and it’s an excellent addition to the list. With special bonuses, a great design, fluid gameplay, and a score inspired by the 1939 film, Road to Emerald City slot is an all-encompassing game.

Play Road to Emerald City Slot at Casumo Online Casino
Road to Emerald City video slot at Casumo features special bonus features based on each character from the Wizard of Oz.