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Casumo player wins the jackpot of €3 million in Mega Fortune Dreams

News, Winners  •  24 days ago

Last week yet another player hit a jackpot at Casumo. This time, soon to be 60 year old Susan, won 3 million euro in Mega Fortune Dreams, making her the third player in less than four months to hit a big jackpot at Casumo online casino. With this win, the total value of jackpots won at Casumo this year exceeds a whopping 10 million euro.

When the screen started blinking, Susan was in shock and couldn’t believe her eyes.
“It’s so unreal. I mean, these things just don’t happen to people like us”, she said. Her partner was worried something serious had happened to her when she called him in some sort of mixed panic/shock/euphoria mode. He was just as shocked as her and kept saying over and over again that “this thing can’t be real”. To be fair, that’s probably quite a normal reaction from a newly hatched millionaire.

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In fact, it wasn’t until Casumo called her up to congratulate on this massive jackpot win that they both, slowly but surely, started to realise what had happened. Susan, who is turning 60 this year, is living in a small village. She recently retired from her job at the local council where she was taking care of the elderly for 26 years, making sure they were okay. She likes dogs (who doesn’t) and crafts, and just like many others she is dreaming about a bigger home.

“My partner loves cars and motorcycles so we’ll probably get a bigger house with a garage. All bikes are now stored at relatives,” Susan explains. “We haven’t yet decided how to celebrate the win, but we’ve been planning to throw a mutual birthday party later this year. For sure there will be an open bar at that party.”

Places a 3 euro bet – wins the jackpot in Mega Fortune Dreams

Susan likes to play games but is usually more of a bingo player. She hasn’t played much online casino before, and the decision to try her luck in Mega Fortune Dreams, one of the biggest and most popular progressive jackpot games online, was pure coincidence. With 9 pounds left on her account she placed a 3 euro bet and hit the jackpot of 3 million euro.

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This is the third jackpot in four months to be won at Casumo. In total, jackpots of over 10 million euro have been won at Casumo this year. Try your luck today.

Jackpot wins at Casumo this year

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Tops her casino winnings with €5000 in cash and goes shopping

Campaigns, Winners  •  3 months ago
casino winnings

Our Finnish friend was at home playing the Starburst Reel Race last Thursday 22 June when she ended in pole position and cashed a scorchin’ €5000. She said she might have screamed a little when she realised she had won, then went out and bought home electronic supplies and furniture. Woohoo!

Throughout June our daily Reel Race main events at 8pm have a boosted 1st prize of €2000, with occasional special ones of €5000. That’s what the Summer Prizewave is about–scorchin’ cash prizes for our daily online casino tournaments and it’s a darn great wave.

A quick chat with our Reel Race Winner

We had a quick chat with our talented Reel Racer to know a lil bit more about her experience. She told us she plays at Casumo ‘cause she finds the Reel Races exciting. But she’s also very passionate about our ingame adventure:

“The Reel Races are great for competitive people and I like the idea of different levels. I’ve been trying to reach the violet belt for quite a while now.”

Next we asked her if she has any favourite games:

“I have many favourite games–those with more fun bonus features are the most fun to play. And I also like nice animations. Divine Fortune is one of my favs at the moment.”

And about the Reel Race she won she told us it wasn’t hard to keep ahead of the other players but was quite nervous for the competition to finish:

“I had to wait for 30 minutes for the race to finish so I felt quite restless.”

There’s still a few days left till the end of June. Join a Reel Race and grab yourself one of the sizzlin’ cash prizes available everyday at 8pm CET. Hurry up, the Summer Prizewave lasts only till end of June. To Casumo.

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€5K for our Norwegian friend on top of her casino winnings

Campaigns, News, Winners  •  3 months ago
casino winnings

Our Summer Prizewave is in full swing with sizzlin’ cash prizes awarded everyday to the winners of the Reel Races–our dynamic, red-hot, thrilling online casino tournaments that just won’t stop providing excitement to our players.

We recently had a quick chat with last Friday’s winner–she managed to grab the first prize in the main Reel Race event at 8pm. Our friend is from Norway and she took home a flamin’ €5000 in cash on top of her winnings. She told us she uttered some “Northern Norwegian phrases” when she realised she had topped the board–unfortunately, we’ll never know what these mystery phrases were.

She’s delighted with the cash, as in just 2 weeks time she’s going to baptise her newborn.

“I told my partner that now we can afford to buy what we want for the baptism. I can also finally fix my car so that I don’t have to stay at home with the kids all the time.”

We asked her how they celebrated the win and she told us they settled for non-alcoholic beer and a TV series.

“One of the reasons I play at Casumo is that I actually managed to withdraw there. And you’re pretty generous at giving free spins and deposit bonuses, so I actually want to play!”

Have you tried the Reel Races yet? To play, simply go to and join the next Reel Race. You will be competing against other players and your job is to spin the reels to collect as many points and boosters as you can by winning as many times as possible. If you secure that first place you’ll get a juicy cash prize. Got it? Greatness. Now tap on.

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Sizzlin’ cash prizes won every evening at Casumo

Campaigns, Winners  •  3 months ago
cash prizes

The Summer Prizewave is hitting the planet and leaving a trail of scorchin’ cash prizes every evening here at Casumo. Players have a chance to compete against each other in our thrilling Reel Races tournaments to win extra money on top of their normal winnings.

Throughout June, we’re running special boosted Reel Races events at 8pm CET where sometimes the prize is €2000 and sometimes it’s a whoppin’ €5000. The player who finishes the race in the top position can claim this hot cash prize–and there’s something for the other competitors too.

Last Monday’s Reel Race landed a steamin’ €5000 in cash in the pockets of a Finnish friend who told us all about his fun-filled experience. The competition on that day was with Big Bad Wolf which turned out to be his favourite game.

“I joined the Reel Race but I didn’t have much balance on my account when I started. I just hoped I could play through the whole race. For the first fifteen minutes I didn’t really lose or win much, but then it happened! I got my stake back almost 200 times. At that moment, I was quite sure I would make it at least to the top ten. That’s where my winning streak took off.”

Our friend was notified that he had won the Reel Race via SMS.

“My first reaction was a loud roar. I’m currently doing my military service and I surprised all the other guys around me. I told them what happened and they almost didn’t believe me.”

Reel Races are a great way to play online casino games and win extra money–and it doesn’t cost more than the normal spins you play.

Take a look at our upcoming Main Reel Races with a fantastic first prize of €5000 in cash:

  • 22 June – Starburst
  • 22 June – Starburst
  • 26 June – The Wild Chase
  • 27 June – The Wild Chase
  • 29 June – Book of Dead
  • 30 June – Book of Dead

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Woman from Larvik wins €74,076 on a €0.40 spin in Mega Fortune Dreams

News, Winners  •  3 months ago
mega fortune dreams

What are the odds of a win like that? Our lady friend from Norway took home €74,076.81 on a €0.40 spin which makes it one of the biggest wins in relation to the stake in Casumo history. Fantabulous.

But how did it happen?

At around 8pm on June 7, our friend from Larvik opened an account at Casumo. This was the very first time she had ever played in an online casino and didn’t know what to really expect. Well, we now know she was pleasantly surprised. The first game she tried was Starburst where she immediately scored a nice win from her first deposit. She withdrew a bit of that and then tried Mega Fortune Dreams.

“I had no idea that Mega Fortune Dreams had a jackpot until I won,” she told Niklas from our Player Relations team. She told him how she went to tell her husband who didn’t know she had created an account and at first he thought she’d lost a lot of money. “But when I told him about the jackpot he just wouldn’t believe me. When he realised I was telling the truth he just sat down and was really shocked!”

What will she do with the winnings?

Our friend told us that she and her husband live quite a modest lifestyle and that she works only part time. She said her winnings will go straight in a savings account for now–however, next autumn they’ll finally book a trip and stay in a very nice hotel where they´ve been wanting to stay for a long time.

We surely wish them an a-ma-ma-mazin’ holiday.

Want to try your luck at one of the big jackpots? Join Casumo today.

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