Journey of the Gods online slot, exclusively at Casumo

Journey of the Gods – only at Casumo for the next 3 months

Pack your bags, cause we’re taking you on an exclusive 3-month Journey of the Gods. THREE entire months of exclusivity. Well, isn’t that just simply divine? Journey of the Gods will be available from our Game Browser – and from our Game Browser only – from the 6th of December, until March. HEAVENLY!

Journey of the Gods is all about getting 4 winning lines to be awarded Free Games. Are you ready to start the journey?

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Blackjack Bonus Cards – A Casumo Winter Game

Blackjack Bonus Cards. The tables are hot

The Casumo Winter Games are here with 5 weeks of amped-up casino entertainment and thrills. Every Sunday in December for example, we’re adding some extra zest to our Live Blackjack tables where bonus cards will be randomly mixed into the decks. What do these Blackjack bonus cards contain? Read on to find out…

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4 Weeks of Live Casino raffles! Win Apple gizmos, cash and a trip to the Maldives

Grab your chance to win Apple gizmos, cash and a Maldives getaway

Are you the procrastinating kind of Christmas gift shopper? Or perhaps you’d rather escape from it all? Then look no further friend, we got just the thing for you. We’re going to be raffling away a whole bunch of snazzy Apply gizmos, cash prizes and an out-of-this-world trip to the Maldives. This could be your chance to beat the winter blues or to get that last minute Christmas shopping sorted.

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Must Drop Jackpots – A Casumo Winter Game

Must Drop Jackpots. The clock’s ticking

Welcome to the Casumo Winter Games, 5 weeks of amped-up casino entertainment and thrills. Imagine playing cool and exciting new slot games whilst taking a shot at winning not one, not two, but three jackpot prizes? Now doesn’t that sound like a Christmas carol to your ears! Don’t wait too long though … the clock’s ticking, jackpots are jingling and ring-ting-tingling. That too.

Let it snow drop, let it snow drop, let it snow drop.

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